And Then There Were Two!

I love "Reality TV".

It started with "Real World II - Los Angeles". I watched every episode. I wanted David out of the house, came to pity Jonathan, got annoyed by Beth (Annoying Beth, not Lesbian Beth), and loved every minute of that show. It was followed by San Francisco (the Puck era), Miami, Boston, Seattle (still the best IMHO), New Orleans, New York II, etc. All great shows.

I've watched other reality TV since then, but these days I find my time limited. So I must make sure that whatever I watch is really top quality - not just ANY reality TV will do.

I'm currently feeding my habit with the best RTV show out there, possibly the best RTV show in history, "Joe Millionaire". The show's concept promised us the sleaziest, slimiest, most nauseous RTV show ever seen on network television. It would be the car wreck I would have to slow down and look at every Monday night.

So far it's been everything I hoped for, and much, much more.

(Ed. note. For non-primetime - see any episode of "Jerry Springer". For cable RTV - I think "Taxicab Confessions - Girls Like It Hot" pretty much sets new lows on a weekly basis.)

As those of you watching the show know (and you ARE watching the show - even if you won't publicly admit it) Evan the Simple is down to two girls. Melissa M., who struck me as a cute Chelsea Clinton with amazing and well-displayed cleavage and a sub-90 IQ, was eliminated last night. We all knew she had to go - it was her or Zora and it seems like EVERYONE is rooting for "Big Z".

So this is it. Two left. Zora and Sarah.

One online magazine summed up the coming battle between the final two:

We have a new fight on our hands: between lust and friendship, evil and good, the Madonna and the whore. It's horses and rainbows versus high heels and BJs — and it's not over yet!

(Ed. note. I would highly recommend the episode summaries on The summary of last night's episode was one of the funniest things I've read in a while, and also contained the nasty secrets about Sarah.)

For the few of you that HAVEN'T been watching....there are still two episodes left. And all of America just KNOWS it's going to end badly!

Great stuff. Bertozzi says check it out.