HO'TFAA Hits CD's Now Available!

The HO'TFAA Hits collection is now available from Producer Victor Rethy. This 2 CD collection is a must-have for any HO'TFAA member. (HO'TFAA member Tim Hough proudly displays his new CD's to the right.)

The songs gathered on these CD's possibly represent the most eclectic collection of music ever put together on a publicly available collection. Ranging from Booker T's classic Green Onions to the pop hit Macarena, this collection has it all.

Featured artists include :

The first CD in the set, Happy Hour at Manny's combines songs from the jukebox at Manuals with other songs of one of the most important times in music - the early 80's. You can almost smell the stale beer and taste the rancid bean dip as you listen to these wonderful songs and drift back to a simpler, and much cheaper, time.

The second CD, Big Chill Beat Busters is a collection of significant songs from HO'TFAA's many Big Chills. Who can forget the MANY listenings of the mournful You Give Love a Bad Name at Cayucos (BC III), the overplayed Tub Thumping at Puerto Nuevo (BC XIV), and of course the excruciating number of playings of Just a Gigalo - I Ain't Got Nobody (and the entire Louie Prima collection) at any event Chris Barry attended.

This collection is NOT available in stores. It can be obtained at any sanctioned HO'TAA event that Victor Rethy attends, or by contacting Vic directly and offering to cover shipping and handling fees.

Victor is now relaxing after completing one of the most inspired and enjoyable media projects in HO'TFAA history. When asked about his plans for the future, Vic had this to say:

"I started this effort over a year ago as a giant e-mail thread with other HO'TFAA members listing their favorite songs from our past. There were far too many songs to put on one CD - it HAD to be a two CD collection. I'm happy with the results, but I'm already working on the next CD in the collection - HO'TFAA Sings!. This will be a compilation of the many HO'TFAA songs, including several versions of, of course, American Pie. It will also include a digitally re-mastered version of Apikealypse Now, including the director's cut and several deleted scenes. This CD, the final (?) in the epic trilogy, will be available sometime before the end of the decade."