Doug's Over/Unders for Cal Football 2003

These predictions were not included in the Bear notes predictions. The editor said that a "more eclectic audience" (i.e. HO'TFAA) might appreciate them.


Rose Bowl cheers led by Vic right after we take a 3-0 lead over Southern Miss. this Saturday. 4
Victories over LA schools 1/2
Victories over Top-25 schools 1.5
Bears snatch defeat from the jaws of victory 1.5
Close games won by the Bears 2
Routs 3
Corners turned by the Bears 9
Number of fat jokes T Hough will yell at Keith Gilbertson from the stands 5
Arrests at this year's Big Game 19
# of people Malie knows at the Cal-UCLA game 4
Times Greig Lowell will shake his head, tip a warm flat beer, and say "Best weekend of the year!" on the evening of 11/21 3.5
Games Schwartz will attend 1/2
Times Fortier will be in town for a Cal game but watch it from a bar 1/2
People at Chris and Donna Barry's post-UCLA game party 22
# of over/under predictions I'll make this season 14