Bear Notes, v11, #4

The 10th Annual Bear Notes prediction survey:

Kind of a weak response this year. Average predicted record is 6.7 wins, 6.2 losses, 0.1 ties. Overwhelming choice for the Rose Bowl is USC, only Doug picked someone else (ASU).

Jim: 8-4-1, none
Washington tie, after 4 OT-game suspended due to Unnatural Occurrence. Cal is invited to bowl and plays Stanford in a re-match who has an equal 8-4-1 record and Cal wins by 6 on a kick-off return with laterals ala the play.

Chih-chen: 8-5, none
Cal will repeat as winner of the Big Game

Greig: 6-7, USC
Second straight win in the Big Game, USC goes to the Rose Bowl, but they will be pushed hard by upstarts Arizona St. and Oregon St.

Only one coach gets fired - John Mackovic - and he will be lucky to survive the entire season. "Sack the Mack" signs are visible throughout Tucson. Keith Gilbertson loses 25 lbs. on the Atkins Diet, but finds himself lightheaded and dizzy in the 4th quarter of games, causing he and his team to blow several late leads. Buddy Teevens feels the heat on the farm, but survives until 2004.

"Hail to Swarto" is sung at 4 Cal games in honor of QB Schwartz.

Vic: 6-7, USC
It will be raining in Eugene November 8.
It will be raining in Seattle November 15, but the Huskies game is in Berkeley which is good, because Keith Gilbertson doesn't look any thinner wet.

Doug: 6-7, Arizona State
Cal 9-4 ATS
A winning season will be within our grasp in mid-November, as the 4-6 Bears head to Oregon. The tough loss to the Ducks will be followed by a victory over the Gilbertson led Huskies; our 2nd victory against a team that Cal is about to start a 5 year domination of.

It will all come down to the Big Game vs. the surprisingly mediocre Stanford Cardinal.....with a winning season on the line.....the Bears play hard...we will scream loudly....much beer will be consumed....and..... the Bears will finish 6-7

Chris: 8-5, USC
Bears finish third in Pac-10
Cal beats Stanford to retain the ax

T: 5-8, USC
If Tedford can get more than 5 wins out of this group, they should make him Governor of California.