Bear Notes, v11, #12

Mon 11/10/2003 9:54 AM

So much for the "streak". "No Bear Notes insures Cal victory" lasted all of 2 games.

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Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 13:11:19 EST
Subject: Post-Game despair

That familiar sinking feeling overcame the Cal faithful Saturday night. As the lead evaporated and the offense couldn't get a first down, we knew it was going to happen once again. How many times can a fan turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see?

Vic was searching for the word - disheartening seemed appropriate. The weekend theme song was "Disorder in the House" by Warren Zevon. He spoke for all Cal fans:

"I'm sprawled across the davenport of despair."

We thought it would be different. The Tedford magic, a weak Oregon team, and several portents of good fortune in the events leading up to the game:

On Friday night, Vic and I had found the Chris Barry of Eugene, holding court at Max's in a button down dress shirt. He bought us each two rounds of beer. The young Steven Singer was also there, lurking furtively in the corner while wearing a T-shirt that read across the chest "Booger Eater." (Where does one buy such a shirt?). Later, we snuck into Mac Court at midnight and roofed the third floor, then drank Pale Ale in the graveyard under a full moon that set the thickening fog aglow. Beautiful.

With optimism still full in our heart, we drove home to Mr. Zevon at full blast, singing "Even the Lhasa Apso seems to be ashamed."

Saturday opened with a comfortable 40 degrees. The clock struck Beer-Thirty at 10 a.m. while hiking along the Willamette River. Christie's soccer team advanced to the State Semifinals with a 1-0 win at midday, and the early evening was spent applying layers of clothing and Bloody Mary's. We scripted the first 20 plays of the pre-game party to perfection.

You all saw the game. We went through the customary emotional progression: Skeptical, hopeful, optimistic, expectant, cynical, suicidal.

Had Tom Holmoe in fact been rehired to put 12 players on the field following a timeout?

Oregon fans were gracious, and there was a surreal moment late after the game. After a few pints, we walked across campus, and found a bar with students wrapped around the corner and down the sidewalk waiting to get in. This was reminiscent of the Kip's boom/bust cycle of the 1990's, where young people seem to lose their minds and determine that a place like Kip's is worth queuing up for.

Anyway, it was 1:45 a.m. and the genius undergrads think they are still going to get in for one last round. One young girl was heaving on the sidewalk, yet stubbornly held her place in line as people dodged the splatter. Even on its best night, Kip's isn't worth that.

That was the final image of the weekend, as we drove him slowly in 20-foot visibility fog. We had replaced Zevon in the CD player with a band called "Some Girls," who sang:

"I can feel it, only for a moment and then it's gone."

Go Bears,

Greig and Vic