The Complete History of Big Chill

The Big Chill was started in 1985 by a ragged collection of Berkeley alumni known as "HO'TFAA". There was no stated purpose, other than a chance to drink heavily and pretend we were back in our carefree college days. We have managed to continue the tradition for 18 years, persevering through tragedy, hangovers, graduation, terrorist attacks, marriages and children.

A list of Big Chill locations and occasional names is listed below.

Number Year Location Working Title Actual Title
Big Chill I 1985 South Lake Tahoe   "The Big Chill Weekend"
Big Chill II 1986 Pajaro Dunes "The Wrath of Madeline Kahn"  
Big Chill III 1987 Cayucos "Some like it HO'TFAA" "Video Chill"
Big Chill IV 1988 Catalina "The Long HO'TFAA Summer" "Paradise by the Hour"
Big Chill V 1989 Bass Lake   "The Goodell Family Vacation"
Big Chill VI 1990 North Lake Tahoe   "I've Got A Bad Feeling About This"
Big Chill VII 1991 San Clemente   "The Rager"
Big Chill VIII 1992 Carpenteria "NauenChill" "World's Safest Chill"
Big Chill IX 1993 Mexico "Make A Run for the Border" "MexiChill"
Big Chill X 1994 Pismo Beach "Sleeping with the Fishes" "Gracias Por El Auto Goal"
Big Chill XI 1995 N/A   "Movable Chill"
Big Chill XII 1996 Mexico "MexiChill II" "Tribal Defense Mechanism"
Big Chill XIII 1997 Lake Arrowhead "The Thrill to Chill" "They Comped The Salads"
Big Chill XIV 1998 Mexico "MexiChill III"  
Big Chill XV 1999 New Orleans "Big Chill in the Big Easy" "Have Another Hand Grenade"
Big Chill XVI 2000 Santa Cruz "Chill 2K"  
Big Chill XVII 2001 Palm Springs   "It's a Dry Heat"
Big Chill XVIII 2002 San Diego "One HOTFAA Under God"  
Big Chill XIX 2003 Calistoga "Shock and Awe", "BCXIX - The Rise of the Machines"  
Big Chill XX 2004 Del Mar "Your Return to Chill will be Determined by your Timely and Orderly Exit" "There ARE Mexicans at the Fair!"
Big Chill XXI 2005 Las Vegas "Viva Las HO'TFAA"  
Big Chill XXII 2006 Solvang   "Road Kill Out my Window"
Big Chill XXIII 2007 Berkeley "Nappy Headed HO'TFAA","So Easy a Caveman Could Do It" "KIHNFEST!","Together they span the decades in a manner befitting the resort in which they reside"
Big Chill XIV 2008 Las Vegas Back to Bugsy's Meet you at The Stage Door