Big Chill Report


Big Chill XVIII was successfully completed on Sunday, July 7th. Five great days and nights in beautiful San Diego. And our first sign!

No-one was injured.


The Pictures are Here!


Every so often HO'TFAA will bestow the special "Dickhead Complete Stranger at Big Chill" award on some lucky person. This award goes to person(s) that try to make our life miserable and only succeed in providing us with hours of entertainment as we laugh about what complete jerks they are.

Previous recipients include:

This year the prestigious award was handed out. The winner was:

Guy who got mad at us for shining a flashlight at the Siberian Tiger

"Don't shine the light! He's a night hunter!", he exclaimed, drawing loud chuckles from HO'TFAA. He snarled back at us, "What's so funny!", as he stomped towards the group, mullet flying and beer can clenched.

"Nothing - just that we can't see the damn tiger without any light" we replied.

He advised us, rather adamantly, that this wasn't so. All we needed to do was turn off the light and the tiger would come to the front of the cage. And so for ten minutes we stared into a darkened cage. Finally, the children's cries of "Light him up, Doug!" proved too tempting and so we lit that tiger up. And then hauled ass.

Congratulations dude! You are the latest winner of the DCSBC award!