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Cal vs Oregon 2007

In which our heroes travel to the great Northwest, enter enemy territory, witness a historic victory, and watch the weekend results that took our Bears heights of the college football rankings. We know what happened next...a gut-wrenching series of losses that some call the "...greatest collapse in the history of college football...." Holiday bowl - yeah right! Check out the joy before the sorrow!

Mark Chiu My Dinner with Larry

Vic writes: I had the pleasure of dining with Mark L. Chiu on the shores of Lake Union in Seattle on August 21, 2007. We chatted about old times, life, family, work, people, politics, cheese,, Steve, Chicago, and more. It was great to see him. With Steve's move into the 75th floor condo in the John Hancock building, there are now two HOTFAA within an hour of Chicago. Big Chill in the midwest anyone?

Big Chill XXII: Kihnfest!

Big Chill takes place in Berkeley for the first time. Kihnfest! The Claremont! Spengers! Kips! Top Dog! The house! Kips! Raliegh's! Kips! The photos are in. Check them out!


While written before the U$C game, Doug's top ten list takes on even more relevance now that the 2006 Holiday Bowl has officially chosen Cal.

Wonder if Faulkner was Cal fan?

T. Hough channels William Faulkner in a profoundly moving rallying cry for Cal fans everywhere.

We will always have 5pm, November 18, 2006.

"The Bears Are Dead to Me"

QB Ayoob accounts for both Cal TDs in relief role

That kind of says it all, doesn't it?

Nate Longshore and the highly anticipated ninth ranked Bears get off to a slow start against the rejuvenated Volunteers of Tennessee.

Big Game 2005 - Getting It Right

The "good old days" were not always so good. But it was a simpler time. In the days before the cell phone, before, before the blog, the weekend was simple.

HOTFAA Attends the 108th Big Game

The bars! The restaurants! The Bears! The Beers! The touchdowns! The hangovers! See HOTFAA's plans for the last Big Game before they tear down Stanford Stadium.

Cal vs. Washington 2005

Cal travels to Seattle for an early PAC-10 game against against a team coached by their old arch nemesis Tyrone Willingham. After a disappointing loss to Air Force for the Huskies and an embarassing win over Sacramento State's Hornets for the Bears, this should prove to be an exciting matchup.

But the real question is where is Schwartz? HOTFAA gathers at Eigenschaft Rethy for pre and post game activities and tries to find the "Spots" of U Dub.

I've Got A Bad Feeling About This

Cal's opens their season against the division II Sacramento State Hornets. HOTFAA was there for the whole circus.

HOTFAA Attends the 107th Big Game

The bars! The restaurants! The Bears! The Beers! The touchdowns! The hangovers! See HOTFAA's plan to reunite in the Bay Area for the game.

*UPDATE* We came, we saw, we conquered, we closed Kips. Look for a photo gallery from the game coming soon. In the meantime, you can see Pike's celebrating the victory on this page from the Berkeley Daily Planet.

Bear No_es: CAL vs. Stanford in the 107th Big Game

Read about the matchup, Big Game history, and more.

Cal vs. Washington 2004

Coach Kieth Gilberson's last home game as the head coach of the Washington Huskies and HOTFAA was there. Deja vu anyone?

12/30/03 Insight Bowl 2003 - The Vow Boy

11/24/03 Big Game 2003 - At the Confluence of El Camino Real and El Camino Real

11/20/03 HOTFAA Hits the 106th Big Game

08/26/03 Doug's Over/Unders for Cal Football 2003

07/04/03 Big Chill XIX: Shock & Spa

06/26/03 Does anyone remember Stoney Burke?


02/05/03 And Then There Were Two!

12/04/02 HO'TFAA Hits CD Now Available!

11/20/02 2002 Big Game Announcement

11/16/02 Cal loses to Arizona, 52-41 (No article published)

11/09/02 ANOTHER Upset Victory!

10/26/02 Cal Loses to Oregon State, 24-13 (No article published)

10/19/02 Cripple the Quarterbacks, play great "D", and fall on the ball!

10/12/02 Cal Loses to USC

10/05/02 Death, Taxes, and ...

09/28/02 Bears Lose Conference Opener

09/21/02 Reality Pierces the Dream

09/14/02 The Final Nail in the Coffin!

09/07/02 Cal Wins ANOTHER Football Game

08/31/02 Cal defeats Baylor in 2002 Season Opener

08/28/02 Kyla Extends Goodell Family

07/21/02 Big Chill 18 Report

Sometime in July, 2002 Tourist Guy Visits Pike House

01/01/02 New Year's Eve 2001 at Chris and Donna's House