About Us


HOTFAA has a long and storied history, which will someday be told.

For now, we give you this description by Jeremy Goodell from a much older version of this website.

Social and Political Climate
General Organization Information
Members of Ho'TFAA come from all strata of society. Some have wives, children, or pets. Several have criminal records, and others have received commendations from government agencies.

To date, no member of Ho'TFAA has received the Nobel Prize or a Congressional Medal of Honor.

The majority of Ho'TFAA members were once left-wing extremists, but most have now settled into comfortable, slightly-right-of-moderate Republican lifestyles.

We believe, and are not afraid to state publicly, that murdering physicians or politicians is wrong. We also believe that adulterous sexual relations are highly unethical, and in certain cases, impeachable offenses.

The Hope of the Future Alumni Association is a not-for-profit organization founded and funded by alumni of the Alpha Sigma Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of California, Berkeley. In keeping with precedents set by J. Torchio and Michael Chavez, Ho'TFAA strives for excellence in the face of extreme adversity. Our goal is to make this world a happier place for us.

About hotfaa.com

HOTFAA has been a pioneer in using the world wibe web and the internet to maintain communication between its members.

Over twenty years ago, Jeremy Goodell and Vic Rethy established HOTFAANet by exchanging email between the University of California and Xerox Office Systems Business Unit in El Segundo.

Almost ten years ago, Vic brought HOTFAA to the web with the first version of hotfaa.com Little more than a plug for Big Chill XIII, it was superceded by a new site built on the Business Web Now platform by Jeremy Goodell.

After BWNOW site went down permanently, the third version of the site began to slowly evolve through the work of Doug Bertozzi and Vic Rethy.