"The Bears Are Dead to Me"

Cal vs. Tennessee, September 2, 2006

The anticipation ran high. The Volunteers were coming off a bad year. The Bears had a meaningless pre season number 9 ranking and were favorites by a few points. A decisive victory over Tennessee could get the season off to a rolling start. But the Vols were back and the Bears were flat.

At halftime the score was 14-0 and the dumping on Cal started with the announcers mentioning "Cal didn't beat a team with a winning record all year last year."

Eventually Joe Ayoob came in for Longshore and scored Cal's only two touchdowns of the day. But by now you all know the details. Here is some of the HOTFAA commentary.

Fuck Mike Dunbar.
Fuck the spread offense.
Fuck the Bears.

The Bears are dead to me.

When we finally scored the field goal, all I could think of was the Dave Reeves theory of football. It made the score exactly the same as the end of that USC game at which Dave formulated the theory (35-3). The one where Doug won the binoculars.

The highlight reel? We have a good punter.

That game really sucked.

It would appear to me that our o-line may have lost a step since last year.

The Qualudes and beer seemed to help...

I asked the bartender to flip over to ESPN. My heart just sank when I saw the 35-3 score. A fucking embarrassment. Forget the Tedford hype, it's still the same old Bears. I blame T's optimism.

The good news is that the pressure is off and I think Big Game tickets have just come down in price.

HOT'FAA spread: CAL +3! Wishful thinking on the half-shell; wish I'd known -- would have gladly taken the other side of that action. In my head, figured VOLS +14 .......... But, never bet on anything that eats.

The Bears are not dead (to me .. although Pluto {and my home planet, Quorn} are definitely in political disfavor these days {talk about demotions)}. And I am worried: what will happen to that statue of Wotan holding up a severed Armenian head on the Campus Martius?
Perusing the schedule, I'd take the Bears against Stanford (Cal + 17); they might even upset 'SC (hard as that might be to believe). Even so, it does appear that another 5-7 season is in the offing. Nothing succeeds like consistency ...

"That's about as bad as I could imagine it going," Tedford said.