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Cal Bears 2023 Football Schedule

Date Time Opponent Result Line Overall Pac-12 ATS BBS TV
September 2 13:00 @North Texas W, 58-21 -5.5 1-0 0-0 1-0 0-1 ESPNU
September 9 19:30 Auburn* L, 14-10 +6.5 1-1 0-0 2-0 1-1 ESPN
September 16 13:00 Idaho W, 31-17 -12.5 2-1 0-0 3-0 1-2 Pac-12
September 23 19:30 @Washington +20.5 ESPN
September 30 12:00 Arizona State Pac-12
October 7 TBD Oregon State
October 14 TBD @Utah
October 28 TBD U$C
November 4 TBD @Oregon*
November 11 TBD Washington State
November 18 TBD @Stanfurd*
November 25 TBD @UCLA*

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Previous Seasons

Delegate Busters!

Originally published in HOTFAA HOTLINE, 1984

Delegate Busters

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Cal at U$C then and now
HOTFAA has always had a big presence in Los Angeles when the Bears come to town to face the Women of Troy. Check out these photos from the 2012 match up and then look back at these pix from 2004.

HOTFAA at U$C 2012

The Singerism Generator
Need to punctuate an email with random noises in the style of Steve?
Try this exclusive HOTFAA application: The Singerism Generator.

Kicker University
Cal has a rich history of sending kickers (and punters) to the NFL.
Check out HOTFAA's graphical tribute to Kicker University.

Announcing the HOTFAA Logo Contest!

Come up with a beautiful and/or hokie HOTFAA logo and it may get used to rebrand HOTFAAWeb!

Contest rules:

  1. Submit all entries via email to any random collection of HOTFAA.
  2. At some point someone should send an email asking "Do we have a quorum?"
  3. Wait for the inevitable response: "Yes."
  4. Vote
  5. Ignore vote
  6. Forget about the whole thing
  7. Never update the web site

Some ideas submitted so far:

Exploding Watermelon
"I can't think of a logo more iconic to HO'TFAA than the exploding watermelon."

"The exploding watermelon is a good logo. For mascots, I suggest Singerman and Topo, the super cat."

Send more ideas! Then turn those ideas into art that will define the HOTFAA brand!